Buying a Property

Obtain a copy of the contract from the agent;

Review the contract;

Explain the contract and your obligations under it;

Negotiate any amendments required;

Assist you in obtaining relevant inspections on the property and discussing the outcomes with you;

Arrange an exchange of contracts;

Conduct authorities searches and review all replies;

Review the mortgage documents and discuss with you;

Prepare the transfer documents;

Discuss stamp duty with you and arrange payment;

Draft all settlement figures and make necessary arrangements;

Attend settlement on your behalf; and

Notifying relevant parties of settlement.

Purchase Progression

Find a property, make an offer to the agent

Sign the contract (enter into a cooling off period, pay 0.25% deposit)

Step 1

When buying property, once we receive the contract we will proceed to review it, and assist you with ordering pest, building & strata reports (if required).

We will liaise with your broker for formal loan approval.

You are required to pay the deposit direct to the agent.

Step 2

After the cooling off period has expired the contract is unconditional. At this time you should consider arranging a removalist for after settlement.

Step 3

While we are investigating rates for the property & undertaking enquiries pre settlement, your bank will contact you with loan documentation to sign.

It is extremely important that the loan documents are signed and returned immediately.

Step 4

Aurora Conveyancing will liaise with your bank to ensure they have all documentation required & are ready for settlement.

Step 5

Settlement is booked between all parties approximately 1 week prior to settlement. We will confirm the appointment with you and advise you if any funds are required from you after your loan funds.

We will coordinate cheques on your behalf.

At this time we ask that you arrange a final inspection for the morning of settlement with the agent to ensure the property is in the same condition & state of repair as it was at the time of exchange.

Step 6

On day of settlement please advise Aurora Conveyancing the outcome of your final inspection and if all is satisfactory.

We will attend to last checks on the title & then we will attend settlement on your behalf.

Step 7

As soon as settlement has taken place we will advise you & provide the agent with a fax confirming release of the keys.

Congratulations! The property is now yours.