Property Development

Not all conveyancers are created equal.

Aurora Conveyancing specialises in property development conveyancing, off the plan vacant land, and house and land packages. Whilst we excel in all areas of conveyancing, off the plan is our forte.

Our team have spent years acting for major developers in sydney and understand better than anyone the complex nature of purchasing off the plan.

We will be able to guide you through a smooth purcahse, clearly explain the process and terms of the contract to esnure that you are left confident and relaxed with the knowledge that you have purchased the very best property for your needs.

Sale Progression

You instruct Aurora Conveyancing to prepare contracts for sale. We will commence ordering the required searches.

At this time you will need to review, sign and return any required documentation you receive in your welcome pack from Aurora.

Step 1

Contracts will be sent to our office for review.

Step 2

Within the 5 business day cooling off period we will advise you on the terms of the contract, explain your obligations and negotiate the terms of the contract as required.

This will be done in writing or at a meeting in our office.

Step 3

The balance of the deposit is paid by you prior to the expiration of the 5 day cooling off period. We will assist you with the payment.

Step 4

Stamp duty is payable within 3 months of the date of exchange. We will assist you with any OSR forms and naturally with payment.

Step 5

Registration of the plan of subdivision notification will be given to us by the vendors conveyancer and we will promptly pass on any information as soon as it is provided to us.

Step 6

We will notify you and your bank of registration and commencement of the 14 day settlement period. 

We will promptly provide your bank with all required documents so there is no delay with settlement.

Step 7

Settlement is booked between all parties approximately 1 week prior to settlement.

Step 8

We will confirm the appointment with you and if any funds are required from you after your loan funds. We will co-ordinate cheques on your behalf.

Step 9

On day of settlement Aurora Conveyancing will attend to last checks on the title and we will attend settlement on your behalf.

Step 9

As soon as settlement has taken place we will advise you.

Congratulations! The Property is now yours.